Starting a Training and Seminar Consulting Business- Virtual Class

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Updated January 19, 2023
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This course is for anyone who wants to begin their entrepreneurial journey in starting up a training or seminar consulting business.
NOTE: this is a video recording of a live class held via ZOOM.
Topics covered include:
The Business of Speaking, Training and Seminar Consulting
How Do You Earn a Living from Speaking, Training and Seminar Consulting
Identifying Your Audience
Define Your Service Offerings and Niche
Designing Your Programme
Practice Makes Perfect
Skills to Boost Your Expertise
Planning for Your First Programme
Identifying Market Opportunities- Who Hires for Your Niche?
Marketing Yourself to the Right Clients
Importance of a Personal Brand
Promoting Yourself and Your Business- Online and Offline
Marketing and Selling Your Business
Increasing Your Income with Products
Increasing Your Income With Consulting
Getting Repeat Business and Referrals
Contracts, Pricing and Terms
How to Grow Through Partnerships
The Importance of Ethics
Pitfalls to Avoid
Starter Pack, a Letter of Introduction and Slides for Your First Training
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