Developing HR Consulting Skills



The most effective HR professionals excel at partnering with business leaders to solve business problems. This course reveals the key steps to becoming a trusted consultant or advisor to any business. This value-packed programme explores the process of effectively engaging stakeholders, diagnosing problems, using appropriate tools and techniques and proffering solutions that deliver business results.

Here are the areas that will be covered in this workshop;

  • HR’s role as a strategic business partner
  • Business partners as internal consultants
  • 7 key steps of the consulting process
  • Starting the consultation
  • Making and maintaining effective contracts with clients
  • Skills and tools required to gather information.
  • Analysing data and diagnosing issues
  • Generating options, making decisions and planning
  • Implementing the plan and taking action
  • Disengaging effectively from projects
  • Driving and managing Change
  • The most valued consulting skills
  • Action planning


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