10th HR Bootcamp Conference

Created by Adora Ikwuemesi
Updated December 19, 2022
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The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology and the resultant shift in how, when, and where work is performed. Work models such as remote working and outcomes such as the ‘great resignation’ and more recently ‘quiet quitting’ are evident of the changed mindsets in today’s world of work.

With rapid change, comes rapidly changing expectations. With new ways of working and the evolving employer-employee relationship, organisations and employees are still figuring things out.

At the heart of these changes are the HR function and practitioners, under immense pressure to deliver value to rapidly changing expectations of business leaders and employees.

IBM’s research insights describe these rising expectations as an evolution to HR 3.0; a business imperative that requires HR teams to embrace new ways of thinking; a paradigm shift that requires reimagining a new world of work supported by a reinvented HR function capable of leading a transformation agenda.

The 10th HR Bootcamp conference promises to be more thought-provoking than ever, invoking useful insight and fresh debate while proferring practical solutions to HR Practitioners and Business Leaders.

Topics Covered

Day 1: December 7, 2022

Keynote Address: Reimagine Work, Reinvent HR: A Business Imperative and Paradigm Shift

Panel Session 1: Talent Management: Rethinking Talent Acquisition, Recognition and Rewards

Session 1: Redesigning the Employee Experience: Creating an Inclusive Culture

Session 2: Employee Financial Wellness: Strategies Amidst Rising Cost of Living

Panel Session 2: Remote Work: Enhancing Engagement and Performance in Remote and Hybrid Teams

Session 3: Accelerating and Leading Digital Transformation, Propelling Your Organisation for a Digital Future

Panel Session 3: HR Today: Future Focussed and Future Ready


Day 2: December 8, 2022

Reinventing HR Masterclasses

Concurrent Sessions

Reinvent Yourself: Developing HR Consulting Skills

Leading Culture Change and Transition

Concurrent Sessions

Monetizing Your HR Skills

Accelerating with Analytics: Making Better Talent Decisions

General Session: New Ways of Working: Contemporary Issues in Employment Policies and Law

Panel Session: Question and Answer Session

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